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Are you struggling to get ready for your first date because you don’t know what to wear? Basically, you want to know how to dress for a first date. Maybe you have heard that red dresses attract men. But, is that all you should be concerned about? Here are some of the things that you should consider when dressing for a date.

Wear Red

It’s true that men find las vegas call girls that wear red more attractive. In fact, men believe that when a woman wears red, she will most likely respond to his advances positively. This can be attributed to biological instincts because even the faces of female primates like baboons turn red during their fertile days. Thus, red is naturally a sexual color.

Forget Fringe

Your hair is the first part your date will notice. In fact, a large percentage of men think that hair is an important part of a woman’s appeal. What’s more, an equally larger percentage of men consider women with brown hair more loyal and trustworthy.

Men prefer worn-down and long hair. However, fringes can also be fashionable though they are a turn-off to some men. Another hairstyle to avoid is poker-straight. This presents you as a woman that is overly concerned with her looks and demanding. Loose wave presents you as a relaxed woman. Nevertheless, make sure that your hair looks healthy and glossy.


If you wear a short skirt, use a higher neckline to balance it. Nevertheless, you should ensure that the optimum skin amount that you show is 40%. That’s important when you want the date to enter a lasting relationship with you.

So, if your legs are showing, your arms should be covered. And if you wear a strapless dress, ensure that it is not past the knees. If you will sit across a dinner table, a scoop-neck dress that has three-quarter-length sleeves is an ideal outfit for you.

Avoid Trousers

Wear a skirt or a dress to depict confidence during the date. Most men make a snap judgment about women that wear trousers when going on a date. Generally, when a woman wears a skirt or a dress, she is seen as more confident and successful.

Accentuate the Curves

Men look for fertility signs when choosing women. The hip-to-waist ratio is a major indicator of fertility. You should have a 0.6 to 0.8 ratio of waist to hip size. If you naturally do not have a nice waist, wear a suitable dress to draw you in. A belt can also help.

Ditch Leggings

Don’t wear something that is too trendy or directional. That’s because, in relationships, this means high maintenance. Leggings and jumpsuits are among the women’s clothing that men hate. So, avoid them completely when going on a first date.

Show the Neck

Your neck is one of your erogenous zones. Therefore, wear a fine necklace to draw attention to it. However, be careful about showing excessive skin. A man will be attracted to your flesh if he wants a brief encounter.

Finally, don’t wear excess makeup. Instead, wear a light makeup layer just to enhance your natural beauty.

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