Useful Tips for Booking College Escorts

May 15, 2019 posted by


It’s crucial to consider the duration for which the college escorts will hang out with you. Remember that these girls are still in school. Therefore, your appointment should allow them some flexibility. Most companions charge hourly rates. That means how long these girls will stay with you will depend on their schedule and your budget. Nevertheless, aim at having more time with your companions to have more fun.


Booking companions is mostly about looks. Men will always go for the most attractive women. Therefore, when booking college escorts, consider their appearances. Take time to browse through the gallery of the agency that you choose. Take a careful look at the photos of the available girls before you make the decision to book them. What’s more, make sure that the agency you book the companions with has the latest photos of the girls. This ensures that the companions that you book are the ones that will show up for the date.

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